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What are the differences in people's responses when you have different natures on your Trainer Card at Unity Tower?

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My friend says that when you enter Unity Tower with a specific nature (ex. Modest) on your Trainer Card, the people's speech will change. He says that he tried it before, and the speech changed. I don't really believe him, since he likes to trick me :P

asked May 30 by ~Wolf~

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Players that have been interacted with appear as NPCs on their country's respective floor. They talk about their interests, and often mention the interaction that the player had with them. The responses from the other Trainers depend on their Nature.

So yeah, he wasn't kidding :3
Source - Bulbapedia

Hope I helped!

answered May 31 by Fated Fathom ♠
selected Jun 20 by Aura Warrior
I can't believe nobody tried to look it up...
I thought he wanted all the differences in speech, not just if it really does change depending on nature.