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Pros/Cons: Greninja VS. Azumarril?

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I want to know who is better to include on a Competitive Team. This is for OU.

asked Jun 5 by [Dark Star] Greninja
You should move this to the RMT section since it's for comepetitive, and please include the full team because the choice heavily depends on that.
RMT is for rating teams only. I'm pretty sure he means just in general too.
He said competitive so I assumed he meant only that.

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Both Pokemon are viable and both can fit on competitive teams. Because both are actually really valuable, they can fit across tons of different teams, but each in their own suitable role. Both have different movesets and playstyles and you have to know which one actually fits onto your team.


  • Protean - Greninja's type is okay, but it gets Protean which allows it to be any other type in the game provided it uses a move of that type. If you sense a grass move is about to hit you can use Hidden Power [Fire] and resist instead of possibly die from it. It also happens before it attacks so every single attack gets a STAB boost.
  • Speed - Greninja has a base 122 Speed, making it one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. It can max out to 376 speed and works great with U-turn.
  • Offensive Stats - Greninja has a 95 attack stat and a 103 Special Attack. Though not great on their own, they're pretty special together as U-turn will do you more damage and you can still hit with Hydro Pump.
  • Defensive Stats - Greninja has a spread of 72/67/71 defensive stats, meaning it won't be able to take Super Effective hits easily. It can still show survivability with Protean and a skilled player.
    Greninja @ Life Orb
    Ability: Protean
    EVs: 252 Spd / 4 Atk / 252 SAtk
    Naive Nature
    -Ice Beam
    -Hidden Power [Fire]

This is a set I'm actually using in a Mono Water team, but I'm sure it will still function in OU. There are plenty of other Greninja sets including completely physical or special and even sets utilizing Spikes.



  • Typing - Azumarill got Fairy added so it actually became better at handling other types. It can kill dragons and beat Dark and Fighting. It now also can absorb Dragon attacks and handle a strong Knock Off with relative ease.
  • Huge Power - Huge Power can be used with choice Band to give Azumarill over 600 Attack. Only certain Mega Pokemon rival its power.
  • Aqua Jet - Because Azumarill is so slow, it almost needs this move. Aqua Jet is STAB and it pretty much allows you to outspeed whatever else.
  • Bulk - The 100 base HP isn't bad actually and it allows Azumarill to tank hits and be able to put that together with Belly Drum to become a complete killing machine.
  • Underwhelming Stats - Without Huge Power, this thing is garbage. The only bright spot would be that 100 base HP as it only 420 (blaze) BST.
    Azumarill @ Choice Band
    Ability: Huge Power
    EVs: 200 HP / 252 Atk / 56 Spd
    Adamant Nature
    -Aqua Jet
    -Play Rough
    -Ice Punch

This is the band set that starts killing as soon as it hits the field. Azumarill can also use SubPunch and even a Belly Drum set and they are all viable.


answered Jun 5 by hotcakes
selected Jun 5 by [Dark Star] Greninja
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Well, It really depends on what role you want. Greninja works best as a fast special sweeper with coverage, and azumaril is more slow and bulky, with coverage and equal attack/special attack.

Here is a good Greninja set:

Greninja@Life Orb
252 sp.atk/252 spe/4 HP
Dark pulse
Ice beam

Greninja works well because he has the two essentials for a sweeper: high special attack/attack and speed. Also, he has the awesome ability protean, which gives him STAB for every move, plus it throws the opponent off the trail when it comes to landing a super effective attack. However, its defences aren't too great, which means it can't always survive if the opponent is faster, or is bulky enough to survive one of its attacks. You just need to know when to switch when using a Pokemon like this. This can be helped with u-turn.

Here is how you might use Azumarill:

Azumarill@Choice Band/Leftovers
Huge power
252 atk/252 HP/4 spe
Aqua jet
Play rough
Aqua ring/maybe another attack

This can be used for lots of coverage too, and despite its low speed, it can still attack first with aqua jet. Its high HP and aqua ring set up plus leftovers can hold out against the opponent for a surprisingly long time. And its access to the ability huge power is also going to help with all its attacks. However, if faced with a Pokemon of similar stats, and a resistant type, its attacks won't do much, and the opponent will be able to break past its defences.

Or there is always this set:

Azumarill@Sitrus berry
Huge power
252 atk/252 HP/4 def
Belly drum
Aqua jet

If it uses belly drum, then aqua jet it is practically unstoppable. Unless the opponent has sap sipper, or has high defence/HP and is of resistant typing, then this set will fail.

So, both Pokemon have their up-sides and down-sides, but overall, Greninja is generally more useful, whereas Azumarill, having lower attacks, won't be as useful in the same role. So that means it really comes down to the question of which role is more useful. And again, I think Greninjas is.

answered Jun 5 by The Noby