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Is the buried alive glitch in Pokemon yellow real?

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im playing Pokemon yellow. and I just got very scared about buried alive cause I have heard many rumours about it. so, tell me if buried alive glitch is real or not ,in Pokemon yellow.

asked Jun 7 by crazyblaziken

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After doing further research:

No, it is not. Originating at CreepyPasta, a site for creepy stories, Buried Alive was another creepy story, such as Lavender Town Syndrome.

But, here is a video of Buried Alive being fought!!!1!1

There are many discrepancies in the video, such as a Level 40 Charizard getting a critical hit every time when the chance was based on Speed, and a transformed Mewtwo doing far more damage to itself than the actual Mewtwo does.

It is not real, and there is nothing to worry about.

answered Jun 7 by Le Scraf
edited Jun 7 by Le Scraf
thx for telling me that buried alive glitch isnt real in pokemon yellow
It's not real period, after taking a second look at the video and doing some more research.

Still nothing to worry about.