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Choice specs or choice scarf for Chandelure?

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HIs moveset is Flamethrower,Shadow ball,Energy ball and Psychic.I have already maxed out Attack and Speed so I just wanna know which item is better Chandelure.Here is my whole team and their held items,if it helps you answer this question:
Klefki(Light clay)
The last one is tyranitar,but I don't know which item my T-tar should hold so I would love it if you could also help me with that.


asked Jun 16 by ZekromMaster
You should totally run tyranitarite.

2 Answers

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Chandelure's Sp.Att is already high enough to 1-2HKO most Pokemon with a super effective move. It's Speed however, is average.

In my Opinion, neither. I would go for either a Life Orb or an Expert Belt because Switching in and out with Chandelure is not a good idea with it's 2x weakness to Spikes and Stealth Rock.

answered Jun 16 by Kawaii Terlor
Actually scarf is good, chandy isn't fast and the extra speed could help and guarantee a KO. After greninja faints one of your Pokemon with a water or ice type move, most would stay in to KO chandy but being scarfed u can outsped and go for the OHKO.
Chandelure is used mostly for it's diverse sweeping ability, Choice Scarf ruins that.
Lol it doesn't trust me i use chandy a lot
Scarf doesn't ruin it. Plus, if you run Trick and know when to use it it can work in your favor.
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In my opinion you should go with a Choice Scarf.
Reasons being:

  • Chandy has a lot of power already and needs the speed way more.

My second reason includes a move you don't have but maybe consider it.

  • Psychic -> Trick, you can trick a scarf onto an opponents Pokemon, which can mess up their tactic.
answered Jun 16 by Immortal