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Greninja moveset built around Water Shuriken and Mat Block?

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When I get Pokémon I try to keep their signature moves. But Greninja has 2 that are hard to work with. Suggestions?

asked Jun 21, 2014 by GreX36
Why was this flagged?
It probably belongs in Battle Subway. Or because it's a moveset question.
Battle Subway is for teams. And this is questions asking about advice.
True, not sure, maybe because it is a moveset question?
I said its a question for advice, moveset questions is where you can put movesets

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Well Mat Block is useless outside of double battles, and even though Water Shuriken has priority Waterfall is a better choice. If this is ingame then Water Shuriken is fine and although illogical you could keep mat block just because it's cool. If this is for competitive then I wouldn't use them(unless you're going to be playing doubles then Mat Block is good).

Just a little information that you may not know, but Mat Block doesn't have priority.

answered Jun 21, 2014 by ~Crimson~
selected Aug 10, 2014 by &Psychic x