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What is a good pokemon to put on a team with gardevoir?

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I have a gardevoir T-bolt, S-ball, Psychic, C-mind but I want to know if there is a pokemon that I need on to cover it's shortcomings I was thinking Lucario I will have other pokemon but I wanted to know if there was one that needed to be in there.

asked Jan 26, 2011 by Speed freak

1 Answer

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Well, I've Got A Few Options.

1: As Gardevoir is A Special Tank, You Might Want A Physical Tank To Counteract with it. I'd Suggest Swampert Or Torterra.

2: To Cover Gardevoirs Weaknesses, And Mix It With A Physical Pokemon For Some Mix, STaraptor Might Be Nice Covering All But Ghost(Brave Bird, Double Edge, Close Combat, Roost)

Or For A WAll That Mixes Gardevoir Gardevori with Bulk, Swampert or Umbreon.

answered Jan 26, 2011 by Swampert