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How did they figure out Malamar's evolution?

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Did gamefreak say it, did a hacker found it or did someone randomly put a 3ds upside-down?

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The evolution makes sense after you know it, since Malamar looks like an upside-down Inkay.
Someone maybe thinked about that and try it out :)
But what if they didn't know Malamar at all and thought Inkay doesn't evolve.
yeah thats true '-'
maybe after the game was released or after some days, game freak or another pokemon sites post the all new pokemons and yeah ...
And how did the pokemon sites figure it out, that is my question.

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Along with other new evolution methods such as:

  • Pancham -> Pangoro
  • Eevee -> Sylveon
  • Sligoo -> Goodra

They were all revealed by Gamefreak prior to the release of the games.
I couldn't really find a site where it specifically said they confirmed it but I found someone saying something that pretty much confirms it.

>Do we actually know you need to hold it upside down, or is Game Freak just laughing at us?

Source of the quote above.
Hope I helped.

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you do need to hold the 3ds upside down I thought it evolved at 32 so I waited till level 32 to turn it upside down