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Do shinies appear shiny out of their Poke Ball in HG/SS?

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Please elaborate, are you asking if the Pokeball looks different for shiny Pokemon?
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Yes they appear shiny when you walk with them, I get my shiny Chikorita in SS c:
Also another source right Here. (Youtube)
If the link doesn't work -

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Yeah, planned shinies -
From SS I got
Lugia - 455 SR
Mewtwo - 16k SR (This taked me about 2 months, in the last 3 SR, I broken my DS and the game as freezing like 30 seconds after the game starts, when the shiny Mewtwo appears, my heart just pumped and I used the Masterball, saved and after that the game freezes, but still have it on my Black2, the game then stops freezing.)
Chikorita - 1414 SR

Still planing to get - Groudon / Ho-oh / All birds / Maybe 1 starter.
Shinies for the win (-~-)
haha, if you check my profile in the ''about me'' , you may check my shinies :D  / Also add Heatmor Charizard Gyarados Garchomp Haxorus to them ( interact and trade with friends ).
Damn you Lumiose Glitch! I lost a shiny Caterpie due to the evilness *(