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Can I super train Level 1 Pokemon?

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So I am using my 5 IV Tyrunt that I decided to super train (252 attack EVs, 252 speed EVs, 4 HP EVs), but I am wondering if I need to evolve it or train to a very high level in order to super train it.

asked Aug 14, 2014 by Kawaii Raichu
edited Aug 15, 2014 by Sempiternus
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How do you know how much IVs your Pokemon has (mainly in X and Platinum)?
Not sure about Platinum, but in X/Y you have to go to Kiloude city and talk to a person in the Pokecenter.
There is guy with purple hair in the Pokemon centre in Kiloude City, the stats he mentions have perfect IVs (except for the ones he says are bad).
I already know my Pokemon's IVs and the main pokemon (Tyrunt) has 5 IVS
You can super train any Pokemon regardless of levels. So in the words of super training "Dont stop until you have fully trained Pokemon!!"

Hope I helped!
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You can super train any Pokemon. Level does not matter.

Just like you can EV train any Pokemon, you can also super train them.

Source: experience

answered Aug 14, 2014 by JackZero
selected Aug 23, 2014 by Kawaii Raichu