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What Gen VI events are there for British players?

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All the events I hear are for North American players.

If there aren't any then, when will there be some and what events have already passed? This is for England.

asked Aug 15, 2014 by The Big Fudge
edited Aug 15, 2014 by The Big Fudge
I thought events are worldwide and Japan is the only country with exclusives.
^ There are Europe exclusives.

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All worldwide events are also for British players.

So here they go:

  1. The Torchic Event (over)
  2. The Fancy Pattern Vivillon event (over)
  3. The Pokeball Pattern Vivillon event (up-coming in Europe, from August 29 to September 8)
  4. Celebi Event (on the purchase of Pokebank, on-going)
  5. Electabuzz (Y) /Magmar (X) event (on-going, requires serial code, available till September 30)
  6. GAME Charizard with Mega Stone opposite of your game (over)

Hope I helped!

answered Aug 15, 2014 by Qwerty_Zoom
selected Aug 15, 2014 by The Big Fudge
Do you need to prove that you have a 2/3DS and Pokemon X/Y in order to get the code for the Magmar/Electabuzz event?
Are you sure there arent any Europe-exclusive events?
The Electabuzz/Magmar and Pokeball pattern Vivillon events are Europe exclusive
pokebank celebi ends in september i believe
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Currently, the only wifi event that will be available for European players is the Pokeball Vivillon, which was earlier made available to N.American players.

Games Obtainable With: X, Y
Available from: August 29th 2014 - September 12th 2014

image image

There are also various GAME shops that are giving out codes for Electabuzz and Magmar, both holding the Electirizer and Magmarizer respectively. Electabuzz is for Y versions, Magmar is for X versions.

Games Obtainable With: X, Y
Available from: April 4th 2014 - September 30th 2014

Pokemon official website

There's also the Pokebank Celebi that you get from using Pokebank, but that's a worldwide distribution.

Serebii - events, Europe

answered Aug 15, 2014 by fondant