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What happens when Leech Seed is bounced back to a soaked Pokemon?

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Question #1: In a double battle, my Serperior (last Pokemon) is up against an Espeon (Magic Bounce) and an Alomomola. Alomomola uses Soak on Serperior. Serperior uses Leech Seed. Espeon's Magic Bounce bounces it back. What would happen to Serperior?
Question #2: If the Leech Seed is bounced back to Serperior (still Soaked), would Serperior have its health rise and then lower or something like that?

asked Aug 17 by The Trapinchinator
edited Aug 18 by Le Scraf

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I honestly have no idea what you're talking about in "Question #2" but i'll give it a shot.

1 - If Alomomola used soak after you used Leech Seed on Espeon, Leech Seed wouldn't work because Leech Seed doesn't work on grass types and your Serperior hadn't turned into a grass type yet. However, if you were soaked before you used leech seed, then Leech Seed would effect you.

2 - If the Alomomola soaked you first, meaning Leech Seed would work, Espeon would get your health back because you used Leech Seed on it and it bounced it back.

answered Aug 17 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
selected Aug 17 by The Trapinchinator
Ahh ok, thanks