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Shiny Primal Kyogre and Groudon sprites?

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My friend say that the new Primals's shiny form are different.
He say that Groundon is black and yellow and Kyogre is black and yellow to.
Is that true, can someone give me the sprites?

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According to Showdown, he's right about Groudon:
enter image description here

But not about Kyogre:
enter image description here

So until they are officialy released I can't say for sure, and I have no idea how Showdown got the idea that shiny Primal Groudon looks like that considering the Demo doesnt have Primal Groudon in its code. (maybe they made it up) Im not going to make any speculations as to wether this is true or not, you can do that yourself ;>

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I heard that they are the same color
Shiny Kyogre's black as well
Groudon looks beast.
primal Kyogres pink
No its not. It's black and has pink fin tips. :/
2015 person here from dat future that u live in. Oras has been released blah blah blah. Kyogre is pink. Completely. End of story. End. Of. Story. Do. U. Get. It. #BlastThatGuyOverTheresMojo
Regular shiny Kyogre is pink, and it's Primal is black.