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Is Serperior a good Pokemon to use?

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It has OK defensive stats and can invest in defences because of access to Coil.
It can easily sweep teams and even Ice Shard can't take it down after a Coil.
Brave Bird Talonflame can be walled after 2-3 Coils.
Is it a good Pokemon to use?

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Too vague. It depends on the situation, but in general, no. It's only good for lower down tiers, and even then it faces competitions. It's by no means a bad pokemon, it just don't have anything good enough to warrant use better filled by more relevant members, such as Tangrowth or Sceptile in RU, Celebi in UU and Venusaur in OU.
Like you said, 2 to 3 Coils. You don't have so much time to set up 2-3 Coils. Talonflame would kill you before you even set up ONE Coil

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The short answer, No.

The reason is because, like you said, it takes 2-3 coils to wall a talonflame. Your not going to get that time to set them up. It gets beaten up in higher tiers and really can't wall much without any coils and they take time to set up.

He may be a viable option in PU and that is why it is there. It actually is a very competitive Pokemon in PU.

Hope this answers your question!

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Will it work in UU with a Baton Passer?
Well, any pokemon really CAN work with a BP chain, but it's not really the best pokemon to BP too.  UU up is really hard for serperior to work in.