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Upcoming events for Pokemon Black/White?

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Has anyone got any info on events other than the current Victini (Liberty Pass) event.

asked Mar 12, 2011 by pkmnTrainerHULK

4 Answers

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Well, no. Nintendo hasn't released any information on the next event yet, since there's also an event going on now.
If you want to keep up to date on events and things, you can simply check out Bulbapedia or Serebii for events, they'll tell you.

answered Mar 12, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
selected Jul 7, 2012 by trachy
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In the USA the dream world will be opening on March 30, 2011

answered Mar 12, 2011 by PokeFan12
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Events wont happen for at least 3 months because of the tsunami/earthquake/reactor explosion in japan

answered Apr 6, 2011 by Ninja
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All the events are: the in game Zorua Event, (only given as a gift at lv: 10 and also you need the event celebi) In game Zoroark event, (lv:25 and you need one of the event shiny Legendary dogs) Global Link supposed to be opened at march 30th but it changed to April 11th because of the japanese tsunami and earthquake, Eevee evolution promotion for the Global Link, (lv: 10) And the secret egg at toys-R-us (is accesible right now! A Random Pokemon hatches out of the egg and they're: Ash's Pidove, Iris' Axew, and Cilan's Pansage!)

answered Apr 17, 2011 by cranidos1up