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How can I get palkia in white?

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I found the 3 orbs on the marvelous bridge on white for palkia dialga and giritina can I get those Pokemon in white

asked Mar 22, 2011 by donel2
edited Sep 5, 2012 by Pokemaster

3 Answers

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After you beat the Elite4 and walk throught a bridge(i don't remember the name) three guys show up and give yo the 3 orbs. BUT you cant get Giratina, Palkia, Dialga in B/W except from trading on GTS or from a friend. If you have D/P/Pt or HG SS you can send them to you pokemon white. This can be done ONLY after you beat the Elite4 once. You need 2 ds systems(all ds systems are ok. NOT 3DS), a copy of pokemon Black or White and a copy of D/P/Pt or HG SS. You can search serebii or type poketransfer in youtube.

answered Mar 22, 2011 by Boronicolas
edited Mar 22, 2011 by Pokemaster
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I don't think you have got adamant and lustre orb .
The only way I know is trading from d/p/pt .

answered Mar 22, 2011 by Unidentified
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You can't get it in B/W. only through trades, but I heard you couldn't trade out of B/W to D/P/Pt or HG SS so I'm not sure if you can.

answered Mar 22, 2011 by golden_