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Pokemon Wi-Fi Club?

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Me and my friend are trying to trade pokemon and we can connect and have brilliant connection etc, we get in the room and can see each other and stuff but whenever we try and trade, battle, talk etc it says on my screen 'jack wants to trade' and when it says connecting it connects, then doesn't do anything... Any ideas?

asked Mar 22, 2011 by KyuremFTW

2 Answers

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Plenty of people are having that same issue and there is only one reason:all the people are trading in Pokemon White that the Nintendo Servers are getting Jammed, causing Problems like this. I sadly don't have a solution exept if you are in that friends house, use the Union Room to trade. Hopefully the problem fixes and we all can trade again. Hope this helps...

answered Mar 22, 2011 by Psychic x
If you are in your friends house just use ir on your c-gear, no need for silly rooms
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We tried again, and I'm talking apart him being in his house and me in mine. It says '.... Has contacted you' then it has a little spinny arrow like a clock, basically the loading icon, it doesn't let me do anything or respond, then goes off and says 'standing by...' At the top. Its really annoying me now, any answers will be appreciated. And thanks PB10 :)

answered Mar 23, 2011 by KyuremFTW