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If groudon and kyogre fought what would the weather be like?

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Would it rain or be sunny, Just curious

asked Jun 21, 2010 by Speed freak

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I think the pokemon which called last win the weather. For example, first trainer "go, Groundon!", and second trainer "i choose you, Kyogre!". First, it will be sunny day, after that comes the rain from Kyogre, will be rain! But... I dont really sure, because that's just my opinion!

answered Jun 21, 2010 by Wobbuffet33
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It's actually the slower Pokemon that will get the weather condition. In all the games, abilities come into play AFTER both Pokemon have been released. Their abilities are also determined by speed. (For example, take Pressure, where the faster Pokemon exhibits the ability first.)

So, for example, if Kyogre were faster than Groudon, Kyogre's would use Drizzle first, after which Groudon (the slower one) would use Drought. So the prevaling weather condition would be Sunshine, not Rain.


answered May 30, 2012 by Doomnoodle
This is actually the right answer.  Someone should change the BA.
They technically say the exact same thing; Wobbuffet33 is just giving a situation in which Kyogre would be the slower one.