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Should I have the move dig or escape ropes?

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I go in caves alot, and once I get to the end, (or once im lost,) there might not be a exit, and I don't feel like going to the entrance. should I hav dig or an escape rope to get out?

asked Mar 27, 2011 by goodyear1102

3 Answers

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This si about money. Or place in party. If you are using a lot of Pokémon at once, try ropes

answered Mar 27, 2011 by DarthDestiny
Thanks! I rlly don't feal like getting someone with dig every time...
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Well, it definitely depends on the pokemon using the move!
But, however, I would say that Escape Ropes works better because you don't have to waste a move-slot for Dig, because, again, it depends on the pokemon itself. If you have an HM slave you carry with you, Dig would definitely be good for it, if you don't need the other moves he got.

answered Mar 27, 2011 by NJDevil
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Well, do you have a pokemon you are willing to give up a move for dig? If not, escape ropes are pretty chep and they work. Hope this helps! ;D

answered Mar 27, 2011 by Rio
All anwsers are great! thank you all! :D (No best answer for this... all equal!)
In that case, you give best answer to the person who answered first.