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When breeding Pokemon can they only produce female Pokemon?

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If you can get male Pokemon please tell me how.

asked Mar 29, 2011 by DivineDestroid
retagged Oct 13, 2012 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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Of course you can get both female and male Pokémon! Except mono-gendered Pokémom. Most Pokémon has same rate for F/M, but eg. starters has only 12.5% chance to be female

answered Mar 29, 2011 by DarthDestiny
I've only ever gotten female Pokemon from my eggs.
Second: Just keep on trying :D BTW, which Pokémon are you breeding?
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It's possible that different pokemon will have different ratios of being different genders depending on how the ratios of finding the different genders are in the wild

answered Mar 30, 2011 by Xinoehp