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Normal flying type pokemon for my team ?

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Put in mind I need it to be able to learn Roost, Bravebird, and Hone Claws

I was thinking about braviary but it doesnt learn roost or am I wrong ? if so how do I teach it

and thanks :)

asked Mar 31, 2011 by mr how2love

3 Answers

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There are no Normal/Flying types, that can learn all three of those moves.

answered Mar 31, 2011 by Josh
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I am sorry that isn't possible. No offense but that is a horrible combo brave bird has 100 acc anyway. I suggest training a staraptor or swellow becuase they are great bird pokemon.

answered Mar 31, 2011 by Speed freak
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If you had Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum then you should migrate a Staraptor over and teach it those. Otherwise there are no Normal/Flying types in Black/White that can learn all three moves.

answered Mar 31, 2011 by excadrill444
Staraptor can't learn hone claws