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Day Care LV Mechanics?

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Is the Time it takes to LV up a Pokemon in the Day Care based on how many steps you have walked or how much time you have played or is it Neither? Please explain.

asked Apr 1, 2011 by Psychic x
My friend claims it to be time (Emerald), but he plays on an emulator on his phone. Good question though.

2 Answers

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It is based on how many steps you take. Each step is worth 1 exp. For example:

If your Duskull has 500 more exp untill it levles up then you have to walk at least 500 steps to level it up in the daycare.

Hope this helps :)

answered Apr 1, 2011 by excadrill444
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Based On my experience, I think its because of the steps you have walked, because one day I left two guys and leaved my DS in there, but no lvlage, and when im breeding the pokemons in the day care level pretty fast (got a lv 100 ditto from only day care xD)

answered Apr 1, 2011 by Jellypizza
Who voted down, its a great answer!!!