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What Pokemon has the highest HP/Defense/Spe. Defense and can use Encore?

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Making a team on showdown for doubles with Hoopa Unbound as a wall breaker.

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Shuckle, I suppose. His HP is really low, but his DEF and Sp. DEF are ridiculous.

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Suppose I could make his HP EV/IV super high. That works, thanks.
That would be a poor choice. Make his DEF and S. DEF super high to capitalize on his stats.

On a side note, a LV 1 Magnemite with Sturdy and Berry Juice makes an excellent wallbreaker.  Give it Recycle, Protect, Thunder Wave, Swagger and it will do quite well, especially paired with Hoopa.
'Fraid that would not work. Locking a Mon into protect/detect/kings shield is the whole point with the Hoopa Wallbreaker Combo.