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Please suggest a good Pokemon (Black Version)?

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My team is
Fraxure- Dragon

Pls Try suggest a type that I dont have

I am at the 7th Gym if this information helps

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Ooh, I love the Gen 5 Pokemon.

Here are the types you don't have, and my personal suggestions. The best choices, in my opinion, are bolded.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
Cinccino. Great design, and with Skill Link, a great addition with only one weakness.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
Simisage. You should have gotten one earlier.
Whimsicott/Lilligant depending on your version. Both are excellent.
Amoonguss. All around great Pokemon, used one in White 2. Covers two types you don't have.
Ferrothorn. Another great Pokemon I used in White 2. Covers two types you don't have.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
None. But if you really want one, Beartic exists.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
Scolipede. This is an amazing early bug type. Covers two types you don't have.
Amoonguss. Same reasons as stated above.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
Musharna. Available early, and you can get a hidden ability one.
Reuniclus. I used one in White 2 and it was excellent.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
Scolipede. Same reasons as above.
Escavalier. Great Pokemon for ingame, but requires trade to evolve.
Accelgor. Fast and strong.
Durant. Covers two types you don't have.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
Gigalith. Requires trade to evolve.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
Jellicent. A GREAT wall, used it in White 2, but you already have a water type.
Chandelure. Fantastic Pokemon, but you already have a fire type.
Golurk. Ghost type with a cool factor. However, you already have a ground type.


Victini Victory's suggestions:
Excadrill. One of the best. However you already have a ground type.
Escavalier. Stated above.
Ferrothorn. Stated above.
Bisharp. However, you already have a Dark type.
Durant. Stated above.

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For Ice, might I suggest Weavile and Cloyster for attack and defense, respectively?

If I were to add one more, Steelix is good as well. But that is a really good list.
No, he's playing Black.