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What are the chances of getting a Kelpsy Berry from the Berry Master in ORAS?

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Because I accidentally used my last Kelpsy Berry I was going to use for planting.

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There are 10 possible berries you can receive. You get 2 from the berry master. I don't know if they can be the same or not so I'll do 2 calculations.

Can be same berry: This easy. You have a 2/10 chance here so your chances are 1/5 or 20%

Can not be same berry: The fraction is a bit different. The first berry is 1/10 and the second is 1/9. So 9/90 + 10/90 = 19/90. That's approximately 21%.

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I'm not sure, but I think that the asker doesn't care if both of the berries he gets are Kelpsy Berries. He only wants one to plant
That's not why Woonder but both calculations.  It affects the answer for what the chance is to get a Kelpsy.
Oh! So if I go to the Berry Master 5 days in a row, then I will have a really good chance of getting a Kelpsy Berry? Correct me if I'm wrong. I was never good at this probability stuff.
Not necessarily, as probability is worked independently. It means every day you have a 1/5 chance, so you may get one every day or never get one until the end of time. Probability is wierd, :p
But if the berries cannot be the same, the second roll is 1/9 instead of 1/10, instead of rolling 1/10 twice if they could be the same.  It is mathematically different.
That's what I have it as lol