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What would be the equivalent to buizel in Kanto and Jhoto?

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I like Pokemons who stand in two legs or four legs, or like for exemple bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, turtuig, growlithe, pikachu, crawdaunt, etc.
For all roles of types I aways use in my teams: Electric, flying, ground, grass, fire, water
for flying type I aways like Pokemon with bird or bat body like
for the other roles the ones who stand in two or four legs, but I don't like the ones who looks like vegetables, spherical things, etc.
Is not because the appearance, in my first games I liked victrebell, magnemite, goldeen, roselia and etc. But soon I start to using Pokemons like buizel, cradawnt, torterra, grovyle, leavanny, deerling, raychu, jolteon, luxray etc, I liked thoose types more than the ones who looks vegetables and objeckts, because the moves they can learn, they aways learn so many different moves and are compatible with many more TM"s than the ones who looks like objects, like fighting moves, dark moves, flying moves like aerial ace for exemple, etc.
My favorite grass types has aways been torterra, sceptyle, deerling, leavanny, tropius, etc
water types aways who looks like samurott and buizel, crawdaunt, the ones with a wide movepool.

I tried to use kingler in jhoto but, I did'n like the fact that he can only learn crabbyhamer at level 50 more or less, and are not compatible with waterfall, also his special stat is weak to use his special moves, I was taking to long to kill geodudes of the same level as my krabby, like 3 or 4 bubblebeans. 
 I like Pokemons with a wield movepool and also who can kill fast, like one hit kill aways. 
 So who would be the best grass type and water type for me in Kanto and jhoto if I don't take the inicials?
 Also, wich Pokemon of kanto and jhoto would be almost like buizel and samurott in terms of movepool and fast kills?
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Is the first part of the question even relevant to what you're asking?

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So... you're asking for a physical Water Pokemon that is either a Sweeper or bulky Sweeper, from either Gen 1 or Gen 2?

Under those constraits, you're pretty much limited to Kabuto/Kabutops, Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr or (Magikarp)/Gyarados. Poliwrath could also work, but it's stats are a bit more generalized.

Note that this is prior to the "Special Split", where physical and special stats and attacks were changed/separated to make more sense and work better. This is likely what you were experiencing with your Krabby example. Krabby/Kingler are clearly physical Pokemon, but Bubblebeam is a special move, causing it to be rather poor in execution in battle. This will be a common theme while you are playing in older generations.

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