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Any tips on beating ghetsis in b/w?

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This battle can be really easy with a good strategy.
For Cofragigus I used my Hydreigon's dark pulse. Also try to give your pokemon a pecha berry so he will lose a turn with his toxic.
Carracosta/sesmitoad-Just a leaf type attack...
Hydreigon-Ice type attack, it's a dragon type...
Eelektros-A good ground pokemon like krookodile/excadrill will take him down. Also use gravity because he have got levitate.
Bouffalant- do not make the big error to throw out a flying pokemon, he knows head charge and wild charge... A fighting type will be good.

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This battle is tricky.cofagrigus can be wiped with one powerful shadow ball from a chandelure,hydriegon and carracosta can be taken down by a mienshao,eelektross is taken down no prob by a carracosta knowing e-quake and smack down,seismitoad,easy with a grass type like virizion,bouffalant can be taken down by mienshao also.i recommend this team:
energy ball(trade to completed game to teach)
shadow ball
move of choice
rock slide
hi jump kick
move of choice
serperior/virizion(need to catch cobalion in the mistralon cave to capture)
sacred sword
giga drain
move of choice
move of choice
giga drain
leaf blade
move of choice
move of choice
iron head
shadow claw,if possible
swords dance
fire blast
shadow ball
move of choice
move of choice
smack down
aqua jet
this team should work to your advantage.but please post your team so I can see it?

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Eelektross has levitate!!