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Do I have a good Pikachu?

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Hi I'm wondering if I have a good Pikachu or not
Sp. Atk:37
Sp. Def:38

Thanks =3

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IVS? also what level
You should run Timid/Jolly Nature instead of Lonely depending on if you want a special/physical attacker.

2 Answers

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I'm assuming this is in-game, and that this Pikachu is part of your team. In that case, it really doesn't matter what your nature, stats, ability, etc are. This is because you gain an advantage due to usually being higher-leveled, and because you're playing against a computer, so almost any Pokemon will do the job fine.

So to answer your question, yes, this Pikachu is just fine.

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No. This pikachu is pretty awful from a competitive standpoint.

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