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Pokemon White - Any help on training my pokemon?

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I have beaten the Elite 4 and N, all of that stuff. My pokemon are in the 45-55 range mostly all around 50. Any suggestions on where I can train them, successfully?

asked Apr 13, 2011 by AgentX

3 Answers

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Go to Giant Chasm by Lacunosa town and enter shaking grass (run for a while to make it start shaking) and battle the lvl 45-55 Audino's, you'll get approx 2,000 exp for your pokemon. Other than that, go battle the elite four (if you have a few lvl 70+)

answered Apr 13, 2011 by Aarowaim
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My suggestion is Nimbasa City, in the Big Stadium and Little Stadium you can fight trainers around your level Pokemans and get some nice experience + cash from the players too.

Another place is (whether you're playing Black or White) just outside your games featured place (white forest/black city) to the north there's that path that goes from west to east. Ride on your bicycle back and forth in front of the grass on either side to make shaking patches of grass appear where happy unsuspecting Audino will pop out to fight you. Kill them to get HEAPS of exp for your favorite pokes.
WARNING: If you're big into EV training, Audino dish out 2 HP EV's per kill. I suggest fully EV training for desired outcome before slaughtering these huggable pink flop-eared dopes.

answered Apr 13, 2011 by tommified
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As soon you get to level 65+ use all of you money and o to the elite for and keep on battling.
i used this strategy and all of my pokemon probably leveled up a total of 25 levels all together
the rich people in the beach town give you lots of money.

answered Apr 16, 2011 by tikiman