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I'm trying to battle the riches help me?

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In undella town I need some help battling the riches can you rate my pokemon?

Emboar lv: 37
Item: ring target
moves: flamethrower
flame charge (need to change to flame burst)
rock smash

Bravairy Lv: 58
crush claw
sky drop
super power

Magmortar lv: 50
hyper beam
solar beam
thunder punch

Fraxure Lv: 43 (always defeats kid's buizel LOL)
Dragon pulse
Dragon dance
false swipe
Dragon claw

(the rest are eggs)

asked Apr 16, 2011 by cranidos1up
R you really trying 2 beat them? Drop the eggs and get some more pokémon. Good news for you though. I just beat them and the last guy doesn't hav a pokémon over lv. 75. How about using reshiram or zekrom.

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Try leveling them up more like your Emboar and Fraxure to level 50, and lazygamer is right about the eggs and gamebeater right change your moves.

answered Apr 16, 2011 by pokeman
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Not very good movesets!

Emboar@Choice band
Physical if your ability is blaze:
-Heat crash- STAB+Emboar's signature move. High damage because of it weight.
-Hammer arm- STAB better than rock smash
-Stone edge-Coverage

Special if your ability is blaze:
-Sunny day
-Focus blast-STAB

Anther special if your ability is blaze:
-Focus blast-STAB
-Fire blast-STAB
-HP Rock/Stone edge

Physical if your ability is reckless:
-Flare blitz-STAB+Ability
-Head smash-Ability+coverage
-Hammer arm-STAB

-Wild charge-Ability+coverage

Braviary:@Life orb
-Brave bird/aerial ace
-Hone claws


Magmrtar:@Life orb- Never use recharge move like hyper beam, giga impact etc.
if special swepper:
-sunny day
-focus blast

if mix swepper:
-Fire blast
-thunder punch
-brick break

if physical swepper:
-Flare blitz
-Cross chop


Fraxure@life orb-try to evolve it at lv.48
Also your moveset is horrible. Give to a pokemon false swipe only if you want to catch a pokemon. Also your dragon pulse isn't good at fraxure because of its small sp.atk
-Dragon dance
-Dragon claw
-Earthquake(when it evolves)
-Iron tail

answered Apr 16, 2011 by GAMEBEATER
edited Apr 16, 2011 by GAMEBEATER
I don't have a choice band and a life orb
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All your pokemon are lower levels against the riches. Believe me,i have a Lv 84 emboar and it always beats the Buizel, but I lost to the 6th guy due to low hp, Level all your pokemon to lv 60 or 70 but Braivary is ok.

answered Apr 18, 2011 by Pikachupip