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Which fossil is which pokemon?

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I am at the point in the game on taking the cover or plume fossil and I want to know which pokemon is which so I can pick correctly.

asked Apr 17, 2011 by Rio
edited Apr 17, 2011 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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Cover Fossil
Tirtouga -

Plume Fossil
Archen -

This isn't a fake sign.

answered Apr 17, 2011 by Jellypizza
Thxs soooo much!!!  :) :D
Why is this voted down? This is a perfect answer!
Quite. Why is it voted down?
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Cover is tortouga and plume is archen

answered Apr 18, 2011 by tikiman
But neither of them are very good
Acheops is amazing! Sure, it has a crappy ability, but it's speed and attack stats are amazing before it kicks in! Sure, it ain't an Uber, but it's up there!