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What do with jirachi when you get it?

2 votes

I just got it from the event so is it like celibi where your can go to shrine and go back in time

asked Jul 1, 2010 by reasereasemecool

2 Answers

3 votes

When you get it a new PokéWalker Course appears. It's Night Sky's Edge with A-Pokémon Clefairy ♂/Jigglypuff ♂
B-Pokémon Zubat ♂/Hoothoot ♀
C-Pokémon Geodude ♂/Onix ♀
and items:
Rare Bone
Star Piece
Green Shard
Yellow Shard
Red Shard
Blue Shard

answered Jul 1, 2010 by DarthDestiny
1 vote

When you get Jirachi, you can also train it as you wish!
It also adds another pokemon to your Pokedex data!

answered Dec 14, 2010 by Sam Sam Sam Sam