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Is woobat worth going back to wellspring cave?

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Im wondering because I have to decide before I beat the second gym or it will take to long to train

asked Apr 24, 2011 by Ike,Lloyd Irving

2 Answers

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I wouldnt because woobat isnt very good and it is not something that will make your team better

answered Apr 24, 2011 by SuperDuperl10
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Its not worth it, I was kind of disappointed when this pokemon came out, because I liked his typing, but not his stats. but Never fear!

Instead of using woobat, get a sigylyph.

Same typing, and much much better stats,

answered Apr 24, 2011 by Josh
Welll I already di and it said you could get a drilbur thheir but I couldnt and Actually Woobat is helping me quite alot
Drilbur DOES appear there, but he only appears in swirling dust.