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Which pokeball is best to catch Thundurus?

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asked Apr 24, 2011 by mar
edited Apr 26, 2011 by Pokemaster

5 Answers

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I disagree with pokemon. I caught Thunderous in a Quick Ball, it's pretty strong. If you don't want to go through the hassle of lowering his HP that is. If you get him in the red you can catch him pretty easily with an Ultra Ball. Or you can hope for a critical catch. Good luck catching him!!

Hope this helps =)

answered Apr 24, 2011 by excadrill444
Dude are you crazy ... he is asking this because thundurus flees .
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MASTERball. The masterball always works if you don't have one try an ultraball

answered Apr 24, 2011 by Ike,Lloyd Irving
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I got the best idea and I did that .

You remember the new critical capture system pokemaster talked about.
Before battling thundurus save .
Each time try a pokeball on the first shot and maybe the critical capture activates .

Other than that , You would need a pokemon with shadow tag , arena trap , etc. or move like mean look or wrap for a temp hold back for trying an ultra ball in red Hp also recommended sleeping move .

Well if you are not willing to waste the time on that just go for a masterball .

answered Apr 24, 2011 by Unidentified
edited Apr 24, 2011 by Unidentified
Hey guys I caught it ! Thanks for your comments the most of you helped allot! Xxx :)

sorry I got really annoyed that he can't learn to comment
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Ok so lower him with moves like false swipe or something. or you can use the move mean look right away if you have a pokemon that has it. and then when you weaken him to the red zone, then use an ultra ball, or if he flees, next time use q quick ball right away. hope this helps:D

answered Apr 25, 2011 by AleX647
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Use A Wobbuffet or a Wynaut !!
Their Shadow Tag Ability won't let Thundrus/Tornadus Flee, letting you use any ball you want.

Hope This Helps :)

P.S. You get a Wynaut in a Pokemon Outbreak at Route 2

answered Apr 22, 2012 by ~Rex