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What does the Enigma Stone do?

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What does it do

asked Jul 4, 2010 by reasereasemecool
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It's a key item obtained by a Wi-Fi Event.
It allows you to catch the other Eon pokemon depending on your version.
Latios for Heartgold and Latias for SoulSilver.

If you take it to the Pewter Museum you will trigger a scene with Steven Stone where he explains to you that the Enigma Stone is actually the Soul Dew. After this Lati@s will battle you and will be in the same spot if you are not able to catch it on your first attempt.

answered Jul 4, 2010 by Eric
If you have pokemon battle revolution you can buy it for a certain number of pokecoupons and send it( well actually the sould dew) to your game as a mystery gift
I do Sinnoh, but I'm sure LATIAS is on HG, LATIOS on SS.
technically... latios or latias is  a roaming pokemon in kanto in hg and ss