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Do certain things stay in in-game trades?

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For example, in black and white there is a trainer wanting a boldore and trading an emolga for it. So, if I were to catch a modest boldore with nice DVs, would the emolga also be modest and have nice DVs?

asked May 8, 2011 by dr_clock
retagged Jul 31, 2012

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No. The IVs of the Pokemon you get through in-game trades are fixed, which means their nature is fixed too.

Here's what's great though - in Black/White all the IVs are 20, except for one which is maxed out at 31. So you get a pretty good Pokemon.

Here are the Pokemon you can get, with their maxed IVs:
Petilil or Cottonee: 31 SpAtk
Basculin: 31 Atk
Emolga: 31 Def
Rotom: 31 SpDef
Munchlax: 31 HP

answered May 9, 2011 by Pokemaster
My question was more of concerning the EVs so it would make getting certain pokemon with nice stats easier.
Well, this night this question became unnecessary because I captured a modest boldore and got a lax emolga >.<
Luckily I saved before doing this (afk time to free that damn boldore)