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How rare is a shiny starter?

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My friend has a shiny Turtwig and Piplup that he is willing to trade to me for a Phione and a normal Turtwig+Piplup (he'll give me two Bidoofs for that, but that doesn't matter.) I want to know if the only way to get a shiny starter is through an event or cheat (he doesn't have Wi-Fi, so I'll know if he got it by cheat.) I want it to add to my collection: Gengar, Luxray, Tentacruel, Butterfree, Gyarados (of course,) Golduck, Victreebel, Bellossom, Magikarp, Raticate, Crobat, Krickitune, and Alakazam.

asked Jul 5, 2010 by trachy
retagged Jun 19, 2012
I caught them by myself and evolved them. I got the shiny Metapod (now Butterfree) in the Bug Catching and only got second place. :v)
1/1987     still soft resting can get you one however the appearence of one is same as a wild even tho poke'rus is more rare...
i got a shiny caterpie in ptd 1(pokemon tower defence)

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Shiny starter is as rare as others, 1 in 8192, but because of that scenes before and after...I think that it's much rarer but not as much as shiny legendary.

answered Jul 5, 2010 by DarthDestiny
Thanks, I can now add them to my collection.
I think it would be about a third of 1 in 8192 (1 in 2730.6) because of the three choices you have (three starters)..... not sure but wouldn't that be the case?
I don't think so nasakuho because I don't think you will see that it's a shiny before you have chosen it.

But yes, it is possible to get a shiny starter, you just have to restart your game up to 8192 times! That would take you forever!
I've had a Shiny Starter before an I saw it in the main screen(Choosing Screen)
But trying 8192 times doesn't mean, that you get it. This little chance doesn't increase this way
How about a shiny female starter. I bet that's super rare!
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just save your game be fore picking and pick your stater and if its not shiny turn it off and keep trying until you get one.

answered May 30, 2011 by Aura Warrior