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Can I get a second ditto in pokemon white?

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I got ditto and want to trade for rotom,what should I do?cuz I need ditto for breeding.

asked May 11, 2011 by zekrom123
Why was this down-voted? there's nothing wrong with it.
The truth is, this is kind of obvious, and its only natrual itd be voted down...

6 Answers

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Yes, you can get as many Ditto as you want by either migerating them or capturing more in Giant Chasm.

And yes, Rotom is worth the trade, as he is rare in Unova and you can easily get another Ditto. You can change Rotom's form in the Shopping Mall Nine on Route 9. In a small room interact with a box. You can chane Rotom's form here.

answered May 12, 2011 by ƒιzz
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You can get as many Ditto as you want from the Giant Chasm. And Rotom is definitely worth it, just remember to change its shape instead of the normal form.(the normal form sucks)

answered May 12, 2011 by AleX647
You can change his form in shopping mall 9 like superflygon said. As soon as you go in the mall, go right and into that room on the bottom floor corner. Here is something to help you decide:
Hope this helps!^^
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Solution: trade for another ditto

answered May 11, 2011 by JigglypuffKills
That  wont do anything.i need to know if rotom is worth it.
Actually it would. What JigglypuffKills is saying is that you can catch 2 Ditto and keep one and trade the other.
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Yeah, Giant Chasm

answered May 11, 2011 by Brokn_silence
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Yes you can get another ditto at giant chasm, that's what I did. And yes Rotom is worth it

answered May 11, 2011 by ho-oh
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Whenever I want a pokemon, I breed my starter and put it up on the GTS, it works for me every time.

answered May 12, 2011 by Headshot