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Will Ash ever turn 11?

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In the 1st episode of best wishes it says he still the age as when he started his journey 10 he should be at least 30 by now. in the first season it said he had been traveling for months after he beat misty.

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I remember it was said that its been 3 years after ashs journey began some time after jhoto. Plus in the pokemon the third movie special ash celebrated because it was his first year anniversary since got pikachu
he should be 26 by now....i think

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The date of Ash's birth, according to
Takeshi Shudo's anime novelizations,
is 10 years, 10 months, and 10 days
exactly prior to the day he began his
Pokémon journey. Being that the same
novelization declares that Pokémon
Trainers obtain their first Pokémon in
April of the year following their 10th
birthday, and the anime itself began
broadcast on the first of that month
in 1997 in Japan, Ash's birthday, if
April 1 was the first day of his
journey, would be May 22.


No strangely the creator of pokemon said something like ash will never age nor die but he should be 24 by now

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