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Is storm throws power pretty much 180?

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If base power is 40, a critical hit in white is worth x3 making it 120, and because Throh is the only pokemon that can learn it it gets STAB, taking the power to 180.

Is that correct is basically what I'm asking?

asked May 25, 2011 by Pokefan123

2 Answers

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You got it wrong. Critical hits are 2x, not 3x. So, it is:

40x1.5x2=120 power. It will have 120 power, with all the calculations.

answered May 25, 2011 by NJDevil
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The only way to make storm throw have a base power of 180 without any items is to skill swap the ability sniper to Throh which makes crit hits 3X the base power instead of 2X

answered May 26, 2011 by dr_clock