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good flying type in pokemon heartgold?

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Idon't want NOCTOWL!!!:)Also im at the 4th badge and my noctowl sucks!!!:)
heres my team
it needs to be able to learn fly!:)

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4 Answers

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Crobat is probably the best though Fearow is ok

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dragonite is a pokemon that can learn fly
since he takes a long time keep noctowl until dragonite is avalible
your welcome :)

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but you can't get him until late in game
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Fearow is okay, but I recommend either crobat, skarmory, dragonite, or gliscor. They all have pretty good stats to back them up too! Hope this helps!^^

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Gliscor can't learn Fly.
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I would suggest having a Pidgeot.


air slash STAB
twister COVERAGE
Uproar: coverage

HOPe this helps!

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