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How to cross the seafoam islands in kanto?

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i want to know that in seafoam islands in kanto i'm not getting the way to cross it.i tried for hours but still there is no way to cross it.please help and give me a map or a detailed description of the way......PLZ.....Help.........

asked May 31, 2011 by bansalprakhar.012

2 Answers

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If you haven't been able to use surf anywhere near the Islands, this is because you need to get there via pallet town. If you try nea Fuchsia City, guards will block the entrace to the water. The trick is to get into DIGLETT'S Tunnel and go t Pallet Town trough Route 1. To remove Snorlax, you must rceive the Pokeflute in the Lavender Radio Tower (Speak to a man who was prviously running around but has stopped; he will still be running until you have got rid of team Rocket for good. The guy will give you the Pokeflute. To use it, go to "radio" on the Pokegear and move the signal to the top. Have the Pokeflute playing while you speak to Snorlax, and he will wake up and fight you (LV. 50). Once the battle has ended, you can go into DIGLETT'S Tunnel. If you Surf on the water under Pallet Town, you will find Cinnabar Island. If you go futher here you will find two more Islands. These islands are the seafoam islands.

answered May 31, 2011 by ƒιzz
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answered May 31, 2011 by stefboss50