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Can someone explain to me how to figure out which Pokemon to breed for a Pokemon to know an egg move?

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So, yeah, like my question says, can someone explain to me how l can figure out which Pokemon to breed with to get an egg move for a certain Pokemon? I'm sorry if it sounds confusing, but, here's an example that was originally going to be my question, but l want to know how to do it in the future:

l wanted to breed a Deino (Hydreigon) to get an egg move Earth Power.
Who do l breed a female Deino with to get Earth Power, and how do l figure out what Pokemon to breed with next time so l know how to do it?

Thanks for your explanation, and my example is actually a question! ~

asked Jun 2, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam

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Well, To get an earth power deino, you have to breed with a Garchomp with Earth power, now onto the system.

The pokemon you want to learn the move, must have it in its list of egg moves, and be a female.

Then you have to breed it with a male , in its egg group, who knows the desired move.

In your case.

Deino needs to know Earth Power, and is a Female.
Garchomp has access to the move, and is in the same egg group, so getting a male garchomp with earth power, is your answer.

Also, In case you didn't know, garchomp learns earth power via move tutor.

answered Jun 2, 2011 by Josh
selected Dec 13, 2012 by Mewderator