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i need places to train my team for the pokemon league its the first round

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they are







if someone could please give me places to train them

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Which game (even though l'm sure it's Diamond Pearl or Platinum)?

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Victory road(for grass, ground, water, fighting, and ice types) and the water surfing path to the pokemon league(for electric types). All pokemon should be at least lvl. 55 with something to counter lvl. 62 Garchomp.


Victory road again. All pokemon lvl. 50 with a strong ice type.


Victory road and the sports places(which give alot of exp.). All lvl. 55 at least because of N's Reshram and Ghetisis's Hydregion.

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but what about my fire type
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I just leveled in the cave right before the elite four. That is the highest level wild Pokemon your going to run into before the elite four.

It also helps to give your lead Pokemon Exp Share. This will double the exp. you get per battle.

It's also a good idea to have 3 or 4 of your Pokemon in your team to be level 62, before facing the elite four.

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