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Training Pupitar in Firered?

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I have Pokemon Firered and I'm trying to get a Tyranitar to help me beat the Elite 4 again. I have a Pupitar, lvl. 35ish, and holding an Exp. share and fighting with my Zapdos (Thunderbolt, thunder wave, drill peck, fly) or Nidoking (strength, surf, blizzard, horn attack) or Charizard (flamethrower, mega kick, wing attack, blast burn.) Anyone know a good place to train with these three, or any other way to level up my Pupitar quickly?

asked Jul 9, 2010 by 1zach80
edited Sep 13, 2010 by trachy

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If your Pokemon are a good level, try the Unknown Dungeon. Start with Pupitar and then switch out. Also Vs. Seeker is another good way to train (try the Island area with all the rich people to get a lot of money while you are at it.) I would also recommend changing your Pokemon movesets.

answered Jul 9, 2010 by trachy
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What are Pupitar's Moves?
If you want to keep using the Exp. Share, I would train at Berry Forest on Island Three. The Pokemon there are about Lv.35-40 and there is a large variety of Pokemon.
Mt. Ember would also be a good place to train because there are high leveled Pokemon. The Pokemon at Mt. Ember are mostly Fire, Rock and Ground.
Mt. Ember is located on Island One.
One last way you could train is by using the Vs. Seeker.
Hope this helps

answered Jul 9, 2010 by Umbreon&Dragonite
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Well, I recomend you Victory Road, because there are the highest leveled Pokémon (32-46) you can reach...yet

answered Jul 9, 2010 by DarthDestiny
I'v all ready beaten the elite four, I'm training it so I can beat them again. I can get to all of the sevii islands already.
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Well ive been training my dragonair what I do is I get my weak pokemon and switch em out with the stronger ones let the stronger one beat the wild pokemon and you gain eperience for both pokemon where
duh go on a pokemon adventure start from the first tow and go all over the map plus you might find a pokemon youve been want ing during it hope this helps im trying to get a tyranitar to but I gotta catch a larvitar first

Ps pupitar evolves at lv 55 just like dragonair also if trying to beat some one combine those two and youll have a force to be reckoned with

answered Jul 13, 2010 by Ike,Lloyd Irving