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Shaking Grass and Repel.

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It seems that Repel causes Grass to not do the special shaking. However, what if it is already shaking? Can you use a Repel and still battle the Pokemon in the Shaking Grass? This way I wouldn't have to lose it to random Wild Pokemon that I don't care about. I need my Audino's to get a level up. Like mini-Rare Candies they are.

asked Jun 25, 2011 by trachy
As long as you don't leave the area with the shaking grass, it will always be there!
(Same with dust, and water ripples)

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Yes you will be able to battle the pokemon in the shaking grass if the grass is already shaking

answered Jun 25, 2011 by Kevin485
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Yes, this is a strategy I remember using if I was ever lucky enough to come across shaking patches. If I spot one, and am too far away to want to risk walking to it, I just put on a repel. he patch does not disappear, from what I remember, and the battle commences as usual, provided it's already appeared.

answered Jun 25, 2011 by ~-~WILL~-~