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How do you calculate the chance of a move hitting?

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Taking into account Evasion and Accuracy.

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That's the formula.

Each move has a certain percent. flamethrower for instance has 100%. That's what the A base represents.

Accuracy is how many stages raised or lowered on the attacking pokemon, and evasion is the same, but for the defending pokemon.

flamethrower 100 acc. 100*1=100%. no calculation for that.

Flamethrower with 1 stage of lowered accuracy.

-1 stage= 1*.75=75% chance

Thunder with 1 stage of lowered accuracy.

.75* .70=0.525= 52.5% chance.

the evasion/accuracy chart is as follows:

Stage -6: (3/9) 33.3%

Stage -5: (3/8) 37.5%

Stage -4: (3/7) 43%

Stage -3: (3/6) 50%

Stage -2: (3/5) 60%

Stage -1: (3/4) 75%

Stage 0: (3/3) 100%

Stage 1: (4/3) 133.33%

Stage 2: (5/3) 166.67%

Stage 3: (6/3) 200%

Stage 4: (7/3) 233.33%

Stage 5: (8/3) 266.67%

Stage 6: (9/3) 300%

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Ok, I have a question. Are accuracy increases from abilities calculated the same way? For instance, what if a galvantula with compoundeyes uses thunder. Would the equation be 70 x 1.30? or would it be something like 70 + 30?
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Each move has a base acc percent. eg S-edge has an 80% chance of hitting at base acc. E-quake a 100% chance. double team and sand attack boost evaision and lower accuracy by 25% per use respectively. No Guard gives all moves <><> or infinite accuracy meaning all moves hit unless they are immune or use protect/detect. Moves like lock-on, and mind reader give a one turn No-guard effect. Moves like Faint attack and Aura sphere have <><> acc but can't hit pokemon using moves like dig/fly/dive.

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Evasion uses a different system of stat boosts than the other stats. They don't boost by 50% per use.
right sorry
It isn't 25% either. the changes are the stages on my answer.