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Sheer Force + Life Orb

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What is the exact amount of boost do I get from this combination, and how much power will a move like Sludge Wave do(Normally effective) on my Nidoking with this Combination?

asked Jul 2, 2011 by NJDevil

2 Answers

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Sheer force will boost it 30%, as does the power of the life orb, together, they make a total of 69% base power increase. However, this assumes you use a move that activates Sheer force obviously.

Source here.

answered Jul 2, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
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DarkTyphlosion is right. I was wondering myself but if you have Sheer Force and a life orb you will not take life orb recoil. Example: Nidoking with sheer force uses Sludge Wave with 95 base power, goes up to 142.5 with STAB, with Sheer force added that's 185.25 and with the life orb...that's a staggering 240.825! Which means you will do tonnes of damage. I used Sludge wave as an example, since it has a secondary effect (poisoning the foe) Earthquake won't get the sheer force bonus as it has no secondary effect. As a result you will take life orb damage. Hope this helps! Now I need to get one myself! >:-)

answered Nov 19, 2011 by GliscorPWNS!