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foreign registration

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ok does the medusa method work if a us game is registered as a different country on that globe thingy

asked Jul 4, 2011 by Ninja

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No, it doesn't. The Masuda method is when you have a Foreign pokemon and breed it with a pokemon from your game. For example, a Japanese Ditto with an American Zorua, or a French Magikarp with a German Magikarp. The Pokemon itself has to be from a different country, so registering as a different country than the game itself on the Globe would not work.

answered Jul 4, 2011 by Linkpower22
whats the difference of breeding with the masuda method? just different countries?
Increased chance of getting a shiny. Regularly, it's 1/8912. In Gen IV, it was 1/~2000. Now, in Gen V, if you breed with the Masuda method, the chance of getting a shiny is 1/~1,500.
it's 1/2048 with masuda method in Gen 4 and 1/1365.3 with masuda method in Gen 5.