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wheres a good place to train a lv15 dratini in HG?

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I need to get it really leveled up for the elite people i keep losing too ¬_¬

asked Jul 10, 2011 by Lotte_Phoenix

3 Answers

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Try in national park & areas near that. It has pokemon near that that don't give too many exp.s, but you almost will always win. If you feel you are too strong & not getting enough exp.s, just move on to a route further down.

Hope this helps:)

answered Jul 10, 2011 by Eoko
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I always go to Mt. Silver or any place with relativly high level Pokemon with my weak Pokemon. Just switch out the Dratini with a high level Pokemon in your party and beat the foe. It works.

answered Jul 15, 2011 by Torterra
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Give the Dratini a exp. share if you are scared to switch it in because of a really high leveled poke, if not, just use Dratini in the front of your party and when you encounter a Pokemon and just switch out into a different and stronger mon.

Hope this helps (:

answered May 22 by Pakemans123456789