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what are all recoil moves

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also I heard that hi jump kick is one why?

asked Jul 13, 2011 by Speed freak

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Hi jump kick is recoil because, as the name implies, you jump very high in the air to strike your opponent, using them to break your fall as well. If you miss, then you'll just fall and crash, taking damage.

Jump Kick: If it misses, then half your max HP rounded down.

Take Down: 1/4 of damage done.

Double edge: 1/3 of damage done.

submission:1/4 of damage dealt.

hi jump kick: Half of max HP rounded down, but only when you miss.

struggle: 1/4 of maximum HP.

volt tackle:1/3 of max HP.

flare blitz:1/3 of damage dealt

brave bird:1/3 of damage dealt.

wood hammer:1/3 of damage dealt.

head smash:1/2 of damage dealt.

wild charge:1/4 of damage dealt.

head charge:1/4 of damage done

shadow rush: 1/4 damage dealt. (only in colosseum games.)

answered Jul 13, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion